About WhichRMV

This site was built to help you avoid long wait times on your next visit to the Registry of Motor Vehicles at all RMV locations in Massachusetts.

Why use this site and not the RMV site?

  • All of the wait time data is on 1 page.
  • RMV branches are sortable by your location.
  • Our wait times are updated without reloading the page.
  • Wait times are very close to real time on this site (data gets pulled every 10 seconds).
  • This is great on smartphones. Check it out on your mobile device!

Does WhichRMV have an API?

For current wait time data, I suggest using the official MassDOT API. As for historical data, I can make one available later down the road as I recollect all this juicy data.

Who made this site?

Hi, I'm Thanh Vuong. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet ya :)

How do I contact you?


What is this site made with?

NestJS, Apollo GraphQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, NextJS, and Tailwind.